Yan Liu, D.D.S., a top graduate from the School of Dentistry, New York University, has had more than a
decade of clinical experiences in dentistry. His diverse experiences in a variety of settings (i.e., emergency
room, hospitals, private practices) with thousands of patients, and cases (i.e., dentures, crowns, RCTs,
bridges, extractions, implants, etc) have honed his clinical skills, which enable him to provide gentle and
painless care and treatments to young children and adults.  

Not many patients will be able to find a general dentist with oral surgeon and dental technician backgrounds.
Dr. Liu is one of those very few dentists who have been trained comprehensively to be able to handle all
phases of dentistry with a diverse population of patients (i.e., young children who are even afraid of opening
their mouth for cleaning for years, senior citizens in the 90s, children and adults with special needs, patients
with extreme fear for dentists, etc.). Because of his more than 15 years of clinical experiences and dexterity
skills, the type of dental treatment he provides is what will change a patient's dental experience for ever,
especially for those who have had previous negative dental experiences. For example, if there is a failed root
canal treatment, he can easily fix it. If patients have had pain or sensitivity for a long time, he will be able to get
rid of the pain or sensitivity quickly. The magic with his hands, the accurate diagnosis he provides, and patient-
friendly language and education he provides are one of the few things that make him stand out. Once you visit
our office, you will know immediately that he is the dentist you and your family can trust and want to work with.

Dr. Liu’s philosophy and mission is to help patients keep their own teeth and restore their gum health, and he
will provide dental treatments with as little trauma or pain as possible to patients. He will never use any extreme
procedures just to get more money for the treatment. Even though he has the oral surgery backgrounds,
extraction is always considered the last option. He always thinks what is the best for his patients, and begins
with the most cost-effective and conservative methods first. For example, we have had patients with severe
periodontal diseases. Some dentists might begin with oral surgery. Dr. Liu will begin with a good cleaning
performed by himself, and then a deep cleaning before oral surgery. He has fixed quite many major gum  
problems for his patients.

As a responsible dentist, he will assist all his patients to be completely in charge of their short-term and long-
term oral health and dental care by providing patient-friendly education, restoring their confidence, restoring
their functional and healthy eating, making their smiles more beautiful, and by providing the most satisfying
dental experiences to his patients young and old.  

Sounds unbelievable? It is real. All you need to do is to call and visit us for a free consultation.

For patients with anxiety and extreme fears, we will provide use many pain-relieving procedures to make the
treatment completely painless e.

Our staff speak English, Spanish, and Chinese.
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