Our practice goal is to provide patient friendly and first rate dental services at a
affordable price.

The benefits for being a patient in our practice include:

  • Trust and respect for all our patients

  • First rate services to all patients regardless of backgrounds such as race, language, age, income, or disability.

  • Connection to your dentist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter whether it is a prescription of medication or
    an emergent treatment because of unbearable pain)

  • Services for a family under one roof (i.e., services for very young children, general and specialized dental services
    because of our dentist's oral surgeon and dental technician backgrounds)

  • Flexible payment systems. We offer different types of payment plans that consider patients' financial situation. We
    strive to take care of our patients' oral problems without creating a financial burden on them so that they can enjoy
    great food or have a beautiful smile without having the financial stress.

  • Convenient hours and location (i.e., evening and weekend; close to major highways: Route 4, 95, 80; free parking)

  • Accurate diagnosis

  • Gentle and painless treatments because of our dentist's dexterity with his hands

  • No unnecessary dental treatments

  • Patients in control of short-term and long-term dental health and treatments

  • Patient-friendly language for them to understand the dental treatments. No dental jargon is used.

  • Time saving treatments (i.e., our dentist can do an extraction of wisdom tooth in 10 minutes, a root canal in 30
    minutes, etc).

  • Money saving treatments (i.e., our patients receive specialized services from a general dentist with an oral
    surgeon and dental technician backgrounds)

  • No headache with insurance companies. Our staff have excellent experience and great expertise with insurance
    claims. We will work with insurance companies to get the maximum benefits provided through the plan.

  • Any many more......
Benefits for Being in Our Practice