Dentist Training and Expertise
Education, Training, and Experiences

  • Top NYU Dental School Graduate
  • Training in Emergency Room in NYC Hospitals
  • Dental lab  techniques training
  • Oral surgery training and backgrounds
  • Plastic surgery training and backgrounds
  • More than 15 years of clinical experience
  • And much more......

  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Gentle hands and painless procedures
  • Able to handle tough and complicated dental problems
  • In-depth knowledge of dentistry, medication, and connection between
    oral health and whole health
  • In-depth knowledge of tough cases (i.e., failed root canals)
  • Knowledge of all phases of dentistry (bridges, crowns, implant,
    surgical extraction, gum diseases, etc)
  • Has great people skills (is well liked by young children, adults, and
    patients from diverse backgrounds)
  • Communicates about treatment plans in patient-friendly language
  • And much more......

Benefits of Our Dentist Expertise to Our Patients
  • Shorter seat time in dental chair (i.e., our dentist finishes a root canal
    in 30 minutes in one visit)
  • Better oral health because of confidence to work with our dentist and
    little or no anxiety or fear for dental work
  • Money saving for patients because of major dental work by general
  • Can reach dentist during emergency
  • Seek expertise for treatment of difficult and tough dental diseases and
    problems (i.e., our dentist has cured/fixed many failed cases)
  • Avoid unnecessary procedures (dentist wants the best for each
    patient, which is also what each patient wants)
  • Trustworthy advice from our dentist
  • Young children begin pleasant dental visits starting from the very
  • And much more......
Our Dentist's Education, Training, and Expertise