Seeking Emergency Dental Care
Pain and discomfort need immediate attention and care. Emergency (ER) situations include severe
toothache, tooth or gum bleeding, soft tissue infection and swelling, broken tooth through injury, cut
gum/cheek (mostly children), or existing crown or bridge break or falloff, etc. When these situations
occur, they can either cause you pain, discomfort, or affect your daily life.  ER dental situations can
cause you and/or your children severe illness and consequences if they did not get taken care of
immediately. You should see your dentist as soon as possible no matter when and where it occurs.

Some patients may take some antibiotics or pain medicine themselves. This could relieve the pain
and symptom temporarily, however, the cause of the symptom still exists and the symptom will
usually come back quickly once you stop taking medication. We strongly suggest that you see a
dentist to find out about what causes the symptom and how to best treat it besides just taking
medication yourself.

To handle the ER, the dentist has to diagnose what causes the symptom and then take clinical
procedures to eliminate the problem or disease and to make sure that it is completely under control.

Dr. Yan Liu has had a great deal of experiences to handle all phases of ER dental treatment and
care.  He was trained in oral surgery ER department in public hospitals and was an oral surgeon for
five years. He has treated hundreds of ER dental cases and has earned a great reputation from his

If you and your children suffer from the pain or discomfort from toothache, bleeding gum, swelling,
infection, broken teeth, crown/bridge fall off, or other painful experiences,no matter whether you are
a patient in our office or not,
we are here to take good care of you.

Please call 201-569-8423 to reach Dr. Liu any time whether it is an emergency situation or not.