Office Environment and Equipment
Our office is equipped with cable TV, Music, DVD, and Intercom system for listening to news, music, or
watching movies and DVDs during your visit. It is professionally designed and provides a clean, cozy,
soothing, relaxing, comfortable, and welcoming environment, which will make your visit pleasant and
enjoyable (see office pictures in our Pictures Gallery on this website).

When you enter our waiting room, you will feel the soft light and see beautiful pictures of green plants and
trees on the wall.  The cozy and relaxing environment and atmosphere will make you feel at home while you
are in this dental office.

Each operatory is equipped with the latest technologies which enable us to provide  painless, comfortable,
and high quality dental services. We have digital intra-oral camera in each room to show you the detailed
image of the affected problem through TV, so that you can vividly see it and understand how your dentist
provides diagnosis and treatment. Each operatory also has installed a delivery system for laughing gas. In
case you are extremely nervous, you can request to have laughing gas while being treated. Your dentist will
also provide all the information you need for you to feel comfortable about the treatment you will receive.

Our experienced dentists use high quality instruments with each patient to
provide each treatment with
minimum trauma and maximum satisfaction

All the instruments and equipment we use for each patient are rigorously sterilized.
The procedures and
results for sterilization fully comply with the guidelines of local and state health organizations.