Payment Plan Options
We strongly believe in a trusting relationship and mutual benefits with all our patients when we
develop a treatment and payment plan collaboratively. We will try our best to work out a feasible
payment plan that takes each patient's financial situation into consideration.  Working with collection
agencies is the most unfavorable choice and the last option for us.

These are the following ways to make dental treatments affordable for our patients:

1. We provide flexible no interest payment plans (i.e., CareCredit) that gives patients options to pay
in 3, 6, & 12 months.

2. Patients can get a good discount if they pay off the costs in full during the visit.

3. Patients can make a few payments toward the total costs (i.e., some patients leave their credit
cards and tell us how much we should charge on a specific date each month in a few months. We
keep all the patient's information confidential.)

4. We give good incentives to our patients who refer their friends and colleagues to our practice so
that these incentives can be applied to copay or dental treatment costs.